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Especially in developing countries, microfinance has proved to be a foundation for sustaining the economy, a decisive instrument for supporting entrepreneurship and job creation, and no longer being viewed only as an instrument to fight poverty.

In Cabo Verde, the work of microcredit institutions is noteworthy, as they have been playing an important role in boosting activities in this sector, with visible and positive results in practically all municipalities in the country.

Aiming at transparency and a sustained development of these institutions, Law No. 15 /VII/2007, dated 10 September, gave Banco de Cabo Verde (BCV) the responsibility of regulating and supervising the microfinance sector. Subsequently, the Microfinance Office (GMF) was created at BCV.
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​Here you can consult the legislation applied to the Microfinance Supervision sector.​
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Here you can see documents related to Microfinance Supervision.