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The mission of Banco de Cabo Verde is to produce statistics, prepare analyzes, economic studies and opinions that support the performance of its main duty – definition and implementation of monetary policy and protection of monetary stability and financial system. 

Imagem do canal Statistics Statistics

Banco de Cabo Verde is responsible for the entire process of compiling monetary, financial, foreign exchange and external sector statistics.

The statistics produced by Banco de Cabo Verde are particularly relevant for the preparation of studies, estimates and forecasts about the Cabo Verdean economy, and they are widely disseminated online and in Statistical Bulletins and Reports.

Banco de Cabo Verde’s (BCV) statistical production is guided by the principles of impartiality, scientific independence, and statistical confidentiality. BCV maintains high quality standards in the production and dissemination of statistics, which is a determining factor in consolidating users' confidence in the statistics it produces.

Banco de Cabo Verde also publishes statistics of other entities, including public finance statistics produced by the Ministry of Finance and Planning and national accounts and inflation statistics produced by the National Statistics Institute.


Imagem do canal Publications Publications


Imagem do canal Long Series and Compilations Long Series and Compilations
In order to assist historical analysis and research applied to the national economy, Banco de Cabo Verde compiles and disseminates time series on certain macroeconomic variables. They are compiled in special editions of the Statistical Bulletin.​
Imagem do canal Historical Series and Publications Historical Series and Publications
On this page, Banco de Cabo Verde provides the statistics compiled based on discontinued methodologies, as well as publications.​
Imagem do canal Calendar of Publications Calendar of Publications
Statistics provided online, as well as through statistical and economic and financial indicators bulletins, and Banco de Cabo Verde publications are published according to the following calendars.​