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Imagem do canal Financial Education Financial Education

Banco de Cabo Verde is responsible for promoting people’s financial education throughout the country, in particular by conducting trainings and public awareness activities regarding financial planning and the advantages and risks of financial products and services. This space is dedicated to publicizing the financial education initiatives of Banco de Cabo Verde and/or of Banco de Cabo Verde in partnership with other institutions. ​

Imagem do canal Market Conduct Supervision News Market Conduct Supervision News
The GAP informs that fraudulent emails have been circulating using the name and logo of some local commercial banks (BCA, CECV and BES), requesting verification of customer bank details. In this regard, it has the following recommendations:

Imagem do canal Foreign Exchange and Gold Transactions Campaign Foreign Exchange and Gold Transactions Campaign
​Banco de Cabo Verde has an ongoing communication and awareness campaign on the rules that regulate foreign exchange and on gold transactions.