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Interbank clearing is systematized under the concept of Integrated Interbank Clearing and Settlement System (SICIL), which includes three clearing subsystems, namely Checks and Related Documents, Electronic Credit Fund Transfer and transactions processed through the vinti4 network. This system is managed by Banco de Cabo Verde, which delegates its daily operation to the Interbank and Payment System Company (SISP). 

The clearing system was established in 1995 with the purpose of facilitating the clearing of a large number of low-value payments, therefore of limited systemic risk.

SICIL participants use the Interbank and Payment System Company’s (SISP) interbank communication network to transmit payment transactions ordered by customers throughout the day, according to a pre-established schedule. After the closing of each subsystem's clearing, the transactions are processed and sent to the recipient participants, and the multilateral net balances are determined for financial settlement by Banco de Cabo Verde in the Deposit and Settlement Management System (SGDL). Banco de Cabo Verde financially settles the balances, debiting or crediting the demand deposit accounts of the respective entities participating in SICIL.

The interbank clearing service is guided by the Integrated Interbank Clearing and Settlement System’s (SICIL) Regulation issued by Banco de Cabo Verde, which establishes the operation and processing rules, and by the procedure manuals and technical specifications given to all system participants.