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Law No. 10/VI/2002, dated 15 July - Banco de Cabo Verde’s Organic Law;

Law No. 3/V/96, dated 1 July – Establishment, operation and activity of credit and non-bank institutions; - Repealed

Law No. 61/VIII/2014, dated 23 April – Establishes the guiding principles and regulatory framework for the financial system;

Law No. 62/VIII/2014, dated 23 April - Regulates the activities of financial institutions;

Decree No. 23/21, dated 29 March 1934 - Uniform Law on Checks;

Decree-Law No. 80/94, dated 29 December - Assigns responsibilities to Banco de Cabo Verde on the Clearing of Checks and other Amounts;

Legislative Decree No. 12/95, dated 26 December - Restrictions on the use of checks, mandatory payment and penal system as amended by Legislative Decree No. 12/10, dated 8 November - Restrictions on the use of checks, mandatory payment and penal system;
Decree-Law No. 10/96, dated 26 February - Payment of public expenditure with Treasury checks; - Repealed

Decree-Law No. 10/12, dated 02 April - Establishes the Government Treasury system;

Decree-Law No. 93/97, dated 31 December - Regulates Postal Financial Services - Postal orders and checks;

Law No. 51/V/98, dated 11 May - Creates the Cabo Verde Stock Exchange;

Law No. 52/V/98, dated 11 May - Securities Market Code; - Repealed

Legislative Decree No. 1/2012, dated 27 January - Establishes the fundamental principles and provisions governing the organization, operation and transactions on the securities and financial instruments markets and the activities of all agents that participate in those markets;

Law No. 53/V/98, dated 11 May - Establishes the conditions for accessing and carrying out Securities intermediation activities;

Decree-Law No. 41/99, dated 21 June - Microfilming of checks;

Decree-Law No. 58/99, dated 20 September - Creates the public limited company called Sociedade Interbancária e Sistemas de Pagamentos, S.A. (SISP, Interbank and Payment System Company);

Decree-Law No. 66/99, dated 2 November - Regulates the activity of credit institutions and non-bank institutions with regard to the issuance and management of credit cards and the signing of agreements related to them; - Repealed

Decree-Law No. 41/09, dated 2 November - Legal framework for the movement of funds between demand deposit accounts in domestic currency - Repealed by Legislative Decree No. 8/2018, with the exception of the provisions on deposits in cash in credit institutions, checks and other amounts;

Notice No. 3/17, dated 14 August - Establishes the general conditions for opening bank deposit accounts with credit institutions legally authorized to carry out their activities in Cabo Verde;

Legislative Decree No. 7/2018, dated 28 November - Establishes the framework applicable to the regulation, management and operation of the Cabo Verdean Payment System;

Legislative Decree No. 8/2018, dated 28 November - Establishes the legal framework that regulates the provision of electronic currency payment, issue, distribution and refund services by legally authorized entities in Cabo Verde;

Legislative Decree No. 9/2018, dated 28 November - Establishes the legal framework that regulates access to the activity of payment institutions and electronic currency institutions.