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The mission of Banco de Cabo Verde’s Market Conduct Supervision Office is to supervise the conduct of financial institutions in the banking and insurance sectors, as part of the supply and marketing of financial products and services to the public.

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Notice No. 1/2013, dated 12 April, amended by Notice No. 2/2018, dated 9 March, which is based on the promotion of information transparency and financial inclusion in the context of the sale of retail products and financial services, sets out the principles and rules that financial institutions must comply with when disclosing prices, determines the information and assistance duties that these institutions have towards customers, and establishes free financial services. Pursuant to this regulation, financial institutions must have a complete price list with the general conditions regarding retail products and financial services marketed to the public, but also make this information available on their institutional websites, as a way of allowing financial consumers to, in any stage of contracting, know all the information that may affect their choice to carry out certain financial transactions, namely the understanding and clarification of all fees, expenses and interest rates associated with them.

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Here, the Market Conduct Supervision Office provides all national legislation applicable to market conduct supervision and consumer protection to the consumers of financial products and services and the population in general.
The legislation on Banco de Cabo Verde’s website should be checked in addition to the Official Bulletins where it was published.​

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Every year, Banco de Cabo Verde publishes the Market Conduct Supervision Report, which informs about the supervision of the banking and insurance markets conduct, as well as the financial education initiatives promoted by Banco de Cabo Verde and its partners.

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As part of its duties, Banco de Cabo Verde offers here some of the services it provides to the public, with emphasis on the following: complaint forms intended, in particular, for consumers and investors in the financial system and the general public, where complaints and requests for clarification on the matters indicated therein may be submitted; Frequently Asked Questions, which inform, in particular, about products and services in the banking sector, in addition to information about the services provided by the Credit Risk Center and by the Automobile and Maritime Guarantee Fund.