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In the legislation, the institutions supervised by Banco de Cabo Verde are:

Financial Institutions

Credit institutions, which include:

Investment companies;
Financial leasing companies;
Factoring companies;
Credit-purchase financing companies;
Credit card issuing or managing companies;
Mutual guarantee companies;
Regional development companies;
Others that are qualified as such by law;
Electronic money institutions;
Insurance companies and pension fund management companies;
Pension funds and collective investment institutions, provided they are legal persons;
Investment fund management companies and depositaries of amounts allocated to investment funds, in accordance with Decree-Law No. 15/2005, dated 14 February;
Financial management companies;
Venture capital companies;
Currency exchange offices;
Others that are qualified as such by law.
Financial Auxiliary Institutions:

Financial intermediaries;
Certified auditors and accountants and external auditors;
Private credit information centers;
Credit rating companies;
Others that are qualified as such by law.​