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The environment of organizations (economic, technological, political, legal, sociocultural contexts, etc.) is currently characterized by constant and profound changes, with impacts on their lives, businesses and strategies, ultimately influencing their structures. Depending on the sector and the magnitude of such changes, adjustments in terms of their organizational structure to facilitate and boost the implementation of new strategies may or may not be justified.

With regard to Banco de Cabo Verde, the last adjustment to its organizational structure took place in 2015. After this adjustment, the Executive Board approved a new Strategic Plan covering the 2016-2019 period. It aims to address several challenges and opportunities that shape the Bank's external environment, alongside its internal environment. To that end, the aforementioned Plan contains a set of Strategic Objectives and the ways and means to achieve them. 

It is worth mentioning that, establishing strategies is as important as creating organizational conditions for their successful implementation. It is here that the organization structure is called upon to play an important role, insofar as it is an essential instrument for developing and implementing plans and strategies.

Indeed, as part of the context described and in order to provide Banco de Cabo Verde with an effective, efficient organizational structure, and one that is aligned with new challenges and opportunities, as well as with international best practices, the Executive Board decided to introduce a number of important changes in some areas of the Bank's organizational model.

The Organizational Regulation approved systematizes information on the organizational structure of Banco de Cabo Verde, in particular its principles, basic concepts, together with the rules that guide their alteration.

The process to design the present organizational structure took into account several structural aspects, in particular the mission, vision, institutional values, objectives and strategies recommended in the strategic plan. Alongside these aspects, the process in question incorporated some general principles (rationality, economic viability, flexibility and functionality), with a view to obtaining gains in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and alignment with international best practices.

An important aspect of the aforementioned Organizational Regulation is the institutionalization of Functional Teams within or between structural units that will take on certain responsibilities, particularly those that, due to their nature and relevance, require close monitoring, or initiatives shaped like projects in terms of the operating logic. With this measure, the aim is to, on the one hand, make the structure more flexible and make better use of human resources and, on the other hand, prevent the proliferation of micro structural units.

The span of control was also a concern and was addressed when designing the new organizational structure. In fact, with a view to improving employee supervision, Banco de Cabo Verde will set a target for its span of control, in its own document, which will serve as a reference and be pursued in the near future.