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Disclosure of Notices of Meetings and Communiqués on various subjects (Dividends, interest, refunds, qualifying holdings, public offerings, reports and accounts and other issues related to issuers).​

Imagem do canal Notices of Meetings Notices of Meetings
Notices of ordinary and extraordinary General Meetings.​

Imagem do canal Dividends Dividends
Communiqués on the allocation of earnings and payment of the dividends of issuers in the shareholder segment.​
Imagem do canal Interest and Repayments Interest and Repayments
Communiqués on the payment of interest and repayments (amortization of capital).​
Imagem do canal Holdings in Publicly-Held Companies Holdings in Publicly-Held Companies

Communiqués on changes in the shareholder structure and qualifying holdings.

Imagem do canal Members of Governing Bodies Members of Governing Bodies
​Communiqués on changes in the governing bodies and their composition.

Imagem do canal Corporate Governance Corporate Governance
Issuers’ Corporate Governance Reports​
Imagem do canal Accountability Accountability
Issuers’ Annual Reports and Accounts, with the exception of municipal issuers who present their Management Accounts and bond loan reports.
Imagem do canal Privileged information Privileged information
Privileged information communiqués on resolutions, changes in share capital, changes in the bylaws and on the status of the issuers' activity.​