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The Investor Guide (Guia do Investidor) is a publication by the Securities Market Audit Office (AGMVM) that contains a synthetic explanation of the functioning of the securities and derivative financial instruments markets and a brief description of their main players.

Additionally, two individual booklets based on the legal provisions of the Securities Market Code, revoked in 2012, and a set of general recommendations for investors in general, are presented.

The Guide is intended for anyone who wants to gain some knowledge about the functioning of the securities markets and about the rights and duties that they enjoy when investing their savings in securities or other financial instruments.

If you have any questions, you can contact the AGMVM, either by phone (+238) 2607000 or (+238) 2607171, Fax (+238) 2607079 or email, at agmvm@bcv.cv.

This guide indicates various ways of contacting the AGMVM.