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Banco de Cabo Verde holds the exclusive right to issue banknotes and coins, including commemorative ones. For their holders, banknotes constitute a claim on BCV in the amount of their denomination.

The coins in circulation have the following denominations: 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 escudos, reproduced in 3 series.

Bird Series

Despite its tropical dry climate, little vegetation and scarce rainfall, Cabo Verde has an interesting and unique fauna, with particular emphasis on birds.

The uniqueness of the birds is reflected in the great variety of endemic species spread over almost all the islands. From the coast to the mountains, or in the treetops, their "habitat" is varied, lending a peculiar color and a sound to the natural landscape.

Having a rare beauty and with their diet being adapted to Cabo Verde's environment, some of these birds are on the verge of extinction, which is why great efforts have been made to preserve them. If uniqueness defines the Cabo Verdean people, it is only fitting to have endemic birds of Cabo Verde in a Banco de Cabo Verde coin collection.

Ship Series

The strategic geographic location of Cabo Verde, an archipelago situated between three continents, has always opened the doors to maritime navigation. Due to lack of natural resources and to constant droughts, emigration emerged as an alternative for many Cabo Verdeans. Whether to America, attracted by the dollar, to Europe or, more recently, to Africa, Cabo Verdeans almost always left by sea.  

Today, with over a million people spread across the four corners of the world, to the natives of Cabo Verde, ships represent more than a mere means of transportation: it is the symbol of having to leave and one day return. Due to our secular history, Banco de Cabo Verde presents this superb collection of coins which includes the beloved Turtle. Turtles are also fighting for survival and, for this reason, are a protected species in Cabo Verde.

Plant Series

The influence of the Sahara and consequent desertification did not prevent Cabo Verde's flora from remaining alive and with its own species. Indeed, there are endemic plants with rare beauty whose form was shaped by the action of a harsh natural environment.

The idiosyncrasy of the Cabo Verdean people is also reflected in the flora, with emphasis on the names given to plants, as they are almost always related to the latter's practical application, be it the treatment of some diseases, or due to popular superstitions.

The resistance of the flora also symbolizes the people's resistance to adverse natural conditions. For this reason, Banco de Cabo Verde chose the beautiful series of coins that are here presented, which includes the Turtle.