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Imagem do canal Banknotes Banknotes
Banco de Cabo Verde holds the exclusive right to issue and distribute banknotes and coins in the quantity and quality necessary for the proper functioning of the Cabo Verdean financial system. And as the issuing authority, the Bank ensures compliance with the rules for reproducing banknotes.
There are currently five denominations (values) of banknotes in circulation in the country: 200, 500, 1000, 2000 and 5000 escudos. The 500-, 1000-, 2000- and 5000-escudo banknotes are all printed on cotton substrate, while the 200-escudo banknote is printed on polymer substrate.​
Imagem do canal Coins Coins

​​Banco de Cabo Verde holds the exclusive right to issue banknotes and coins, including commemorative ones. For their holders, banknotes constitute a claim on BCV in the amount of their denomination.​

Imagem do canal Numismatic Items and Medals Numismatic Items and Medals

Numismatics (from the ancient Greek νόμισμα - nomisma, through the Latin numisma, coin) is the science that aims to study banknotes, coins and medals from an historical, artistic and economic point of view.

The concept of collecting coins, banknotes or medals as a form of investment has also been developed, as their value tends to increase over time, guaranteeing profits for “investors” in the event of resale.  

We invite you to get to know Cabo Verde, its history and culture, by purchasing the collection of numismatic items issued by Banco de Cabo Verde.

Explore the variety of products that Banco de Cabo Verde issues and place your order through the following email address: numismatic@bcv.cv

The purpose of this section is to promote the collection of numismatic items issued by Banco de Cabo Verde.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the ones that are available, please contact numismatic@bcv.cv, indicating the code of the item you want.

Imagem do canal Banknote Refund Banknote Refund

The Central Bank is exclusively responsible for replacing and refunding banknotes and coins issued in Cabo Verde.

Damaged or mutilated Cabo Verde Escudo banknotes (for example, partially burned, cut or deteriorated banknotes) that meet certain criteria are replaced by Banco de Cabo Verde, free of charge, as long as there is no suspicion that they were intentionally damaged or mutilated. 

Banco de Cabo Verde may refuse to replace them if it has knowledge or a well-founded suspicion that a wrongdoing has been committed or that the banknotes have been intentionally mutilated or damaged.
A refund is made in the following situations:

Mutilated or damaged legal tender banknotes

Banknotes withdrawn from circulation that remain legal tender

Banknotes withdrawn from circulation that remain legal tender, when incomplete, deteriorated or fragmented

Mutilated or damaged legal tender banknotes

Mutilated banknotes 

Banknotes that are unsuitable for circulation and fragmented or missing parts, at least in one of the corners. 

Torn Banknotes

Banknotes unsuitable for circulation that are torn, punctured, seamed, stained, faded, wrinkled or shrunk, with strange characters, adhesive tapes, metal staples, partial lack of security features or not rigid.
To replace legal tender banknotes that are mutilated/damaged or have been withdrawn from circulation, you must go to Banco de Cabo Verde and bring the following documents:

Imagem do canal Banknotes and Coins Statistics Banknotes and Coins Statistics
Here are the figures referring to the circulation of banknotes and coins, information on banknote counterfeiting, banknote and coin deposits, currency issue and withdrawal of banknotes and coins.
Imagem do canal Counterfeit/Forgery Prevention Counterfeit/Forgery Prevention

Fake money is legitimate and genuine money (banknote or coin) whose face value or other feature has been changed, with the intention of making it circulate. An example would be to add a “0” to a 500$00 banknote, with its face value increasing from 500$00 to 5000$00.

And the counterfeiting of money (banknotes or coins) is the illegitimate and complete reproduction of genuine currency by graphical means, photocopying or other means, with the intention of putting it into circulation. (1)

Imagem do canal Frequently asked questions Frequently asked questions

1. What entity is authorized to issue banknotes and coins in Cabo Verde?

Banco de Verde has the exclusive right to issue banknotes and coins, including commemorative ones.

2. What is the legal tender and discharging power of Cabo Verde Escudo banknotes and coins?

The legal tender of banknotes and coins means that they must be accepted as a means of payment, at their face value, that is, at the value inscribed in them, throughout the national territory. And the ability of a banknote and coin to make payments is called discharging power.