Banco de Cabo Verde
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Registration of Financial Institutions and Governing Bodies

Documents Required for Financial Institutions and their Governing Bodies to Register at Banco de Cabo Verde.

Financial Institution Registration:

Completion of Institution Registration Questionnaire;
Evidence to Support the Deposit of the Share Capital;
Notarial Extract of the Articles of Association;
Date of Commencement of Business;
Contact: Telephone, Fax, E-mail and P.O. Box


Registration of Members of Governing Bodies (Management & Supervision):
Completed Questionnaire, with notarized signature, in accordance with the model annexed to Notice No. 4/2014, published on 17 October;
Detailed curriculum vitae, as well as the evidence to support its description;
Copy of the front and back of their identification (ID);
Updated certificate of good conduct;
Clearance certificate issued by a credit bureau or equivalent, attesting to the absence of information about non-fulfillment of credit liabilities by the administrative or supervisory body member.


Presiding Members of the General Assembly:
Copy of the front and back of their identification (ID).


Annex to Banco de Cabo Verde’s Notice No. 4/2014

Questionnaire on professional qualifications, competence and availability of a member of a financial institution’s management board or supervisory board.



Documents from overseas must, by law, be legalized/authenticated at the Cape Verdean Embassy or Consulate in the country of origin.