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Financial Education Brochures

Banco de Cabo Verde’s Financial Education Program is part of the efforts to improve its communication policy, trying to promote information and understanding of economic and financial issues. The g...

Working Papers

On this page, one can find works that are published with the intention of focusing and stimulating discussion of topics addressed in them. The views expressed are the sole responsibility of the aut...

20-Year Statistical Bulletin

The 20-year Statistical Bulletin is a work carried out by the Department of Statistics and Economic Studies that aggregates the most relevant statistics on the four sectors of the economy – real...

Assets and Financial Position

On this page, Banco de Cabo Verde publishes the evolution of its assets and financial position.

Economic and Financial Indicators

The bulletin is a monthly publication that systematizes the evolution of the main national economic and financial indicators.

Financial Stability Bulletin

1. Financial system stability is one of the priorities for Banco de Cabo Verde. This presupposes identifying, analyzing and monitoring existing and potential risks to the financial system and imple...

International Investment Position

The statistics of international investment position (IIP) show the balances of external financial assets and liabilities of an economy at the end of a certain period of time.

Statistical Bulletins

The Bulletins are periodic publications where information on the real, external, monetary and fiscal sectors is systematized.