Banco de Cabo Verde
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2007 ISSUE - 500 ESCUDOS

2007 500 Escudos Frente
2007 500 Escudos Verso 


Dimensions: 130 X 65 mm
Predominant Color: Green
Paper: Cotton with invisible fluorescent fibers, unless under UV light
The issuance of this 500 escudos note follows the issuance of a new family of Banco de Cabo Verde banknotes, which began in 1999 and was dictated, not only by the need to incorporate the latest technological advances, but also the need to replace existing notes, which had reduced in number over the years.

The note is a tribute to Cape Verdean chemist Roberto Duarte Silva, -- who distinguished himself in the sciences and whose research contributed to the enrichment of organic chemistry, -- and to his native island, Santo Antão, which is represented on the back of the note by a picture of a landscape featuring the image of a Trapiche (oxen-powered sugarcane grinder), the symbol of one of the most important economic activities on the island.

On the left side of the portrait of Roberto Duarte Silva, which dominates the front part of the note, there’s a rectangular vertical band. In the lower part of the band, there’s the denomination “500,” written vertically. In the upper part of this band, there’s a hexagon printed in dry green metallic ink.

Over the portrait and over a band that covers the watermark, there’s the text “Banco de Cabo Verde” and “500 QUINHENTOS ESCUDOS” (FIVE HUNDRED ESCUDOS), as well as a silk screen label where the Coat of Arms of the Republic of Cape Verde, the denominations “BCV” and “500” and a drawing of a mortar are inserted, with colors varying according to the orientation of the note.

Also in the upper part of the front of the note, there’s a drawing of a mortar, in various colors, which coincides – by transparency -- with the same drawing on the back of the note.

The watermark, which was crafted from the portrait of Roberto Duarte Silva, is located more or less in the center of the upper part of the note.

In the lower left corner, there are: the denominations “500 QUINHENTOS ESCUDOS”, written on two lines, as well as the text “25 de Fevereiro de 2007” (February 25, 2007), date of birth of Roberto Duarte Silva, also referred to as the date of issuance of the note.

Immediately above the picture, over a band that covers the watermark, there are the denominations “BANCO DE CABO VERDE”, written on two lines, and “A LEI PUNE O CONTRAFACTOR”, written from left to right.

Along the entire height of the back of the note and on the right side, there is an iridescent, rectangular band with the denomination “500” and the drawing of a mortar.

The security thread, which is inserted on the back of the note from left to right, comprises the denominations “BCV” and “500”, as well as a drawing of the pharmacy logo.