Banco de Cabo Verde
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2000 ISSUE - 5000 ESCUDOS

2000 5000 Escudos Frente2000 5000 Escudos Verso 


Dimensions: 148 x 74 mm
Predominant Color: Brown
Dominating the note’s front composition, there’s the figure of a Cape Verdean woman carrying stones.

The same portrait, in "intaglio," is printed on a background consisting of a lithographic micro-text which is not visible to the naked eye.

In the portrait’s background, there’s a hologram which includes the inscriptions “5000” and “BCV,” as well as the Coat of Arms of the Republic of Cape Verde, which can be viewed by focusing light over the note.

Also in the front of the note, there’s a 13 mm-thick vertical polychromatic band, which is brown, green and red. On this band, consisting of a tile composition, there’s the inscription “5000”.

The two main elements on the back of the 5000 Escudos note are: a view of CIDADE VELHA’S ROYAL FORT, with a detail of the main gate, and a composition made up of two tiles as previously used on the wall of the CATHEDRAL. These two elements were printed "in intaglio."

Oriented from right to left and under the denomination “5000”, there’s the drawing of a cannon.

The watermark, which was worked out from the woman’s portrait on the front of the note, is 33 mm in height and is located in more or less the center of the bands.

77 mm from the bottom of the back of the note, there is the "Security Thread" which is a 4 mm thick "Starwide FACET" thread.