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1999 ISSUE - 2000 ESCUDOS

1999 2000 Escudos Frente1999 2000 Escudos Verso 


Dimensions: 142 X 71 mm
Predominant Color: Blue
Dominating the front’s composition and surpassing half of the largest size of the note, there’s the picture of Eugénio Tavares, over a polychrome background consisting of flower petals.

In the upper left corner, there’s the inscription “2000” and immediately below it there are elements that enable the visually impaired to identify the note.

In the lower left side of the effigy and under the denomination “2000,” there’s the tip of a pen, symbolizing the literary man that Eugénio Tavares was.

Over the head of the effigy, there’s a hologram represented by an open book, where the Coat of Arms of the Republic of Cape Verde is inserted.

To complete the front’s composition two polychromatic bands were introduced, one at the bottom and the other wide at the top of the note, over which one can read, in intaglio, the texts “2000” and “2000 DOIS MIL ESCUDOS” (TWO THOUSAND ESCUDOS) – the latter in two lines respectively.

The back of the note’s two main elements are the flower known in Cape Verde as “cardeal” (cardinal flower) and a verse of a morna by Eugénio Tavares called "Morna aguada":

Se ê pam vivê na es mal
De Ca tem
Quem que q'rem,
Ma'nq' re morré sem luz
Na nha cruz,
Na es dor
De dâ nha bida
Na martírio de amor!