Banco de Cabo Verde
Cabo Verde Flag

1989 ISSUE - 2500 ESCUDOS

= Banknote Withdrawn from Circulation = Decree Law No. 6/06, of January 23, 2006

1989 2500 Escudos Frente1989 2500 Escudos Verso 


Dimensions: 150 x 67 mm
Predominant Color: Lilac
Dominating the front’s composition and occupying approximately two thirds of the note and leaning to the right, there’s the effigy of Amilcar Cabral, the founder of Cape Verdean Cape Verdean nationality. This effigy is flanked to the left and right by a drawing of "Pano d’obra Bicho Antigo," made in Tarrafal, Santiago Island.

In the upper right corner, reading upwards, there’s the text "20 de Janeiro de 1989."

In the left third part, there’s the watermark with the effigy of Amilcar Cabral. In the upper left corner, there’s the stylization of an ear of corn, one of the elements of the Cape Verde escudo, which coincides with the same element – by transparency – on the back of the note.

In the lower left corner and immediately after the ear of corn, there’s the series number, consisting of figures which are differentiated and aligned horizontally. The same series number is also on the right side of the note, reading downwards.

Covering about two-thirds of the note and leaning to the left, there’s a reproduction of the National Assembly building, a symbol of national sovereignty.

In the same third, beyond the watermark with the effigy of Amilcar Cabral and above the silver band, there’s the text “A Lei Pune o Contrafactor”.