Banco de Cabo Verde
Cabo Verde Flag

1977 ISSUE - 100 ESCUDOS

= Banknote Withdrawn from Circulation =

1977 - 100 Escudos Frente 1977 - 100 Escudos Verso


Dimensions: 106.5 x 68 mm
Predominant Color: Red
On the right, there’s the effigy of Amilcar Cabral, the founder of Cape Verdean nationality.

In the upper border, it has the inscription "Banco de Cabo Verde" in the dominant color, bounded on the left by the inscription “100”.

The lower border consists of three rectangular vignettes of unequal size, the outermost ones containing the inscription “100”. Crossing the central vignette and the entire height of the note, there is a security thread which can be seen through the transparency.

The composition consists of three panels, the left one being the reproduction of a painting of the Fogo volcano; the central panel corresponds to the watermark and the right one is the reproduction of a coffee plant and its fruit. In the area reserved for the watermark, there is a slight downward inflection, allowing for part of the word “Escudos” and the inscription “100” to appear printed on it.