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Annual Report 2017

In 2017, the national economy strengthened the dynamism seen in 2016. The improved performance of the Cape Verdean economy, which grew 3.9 percent in volume (3.8 percent in 2016), was favored by the continued recovery of the country’s partner economies and their labor markets, as well as fiscal (especially through public investments and increased staff costs, with a significant multiplier effect) and monetary impulses (as a result of reinforced measures aimed at easing monetary policy in June). 

Other Highlights
Financial Stability Report 2017

The Stability Report is an annual Banco de Cabo Verde publication which aims to describe the recent dynamics of the National Financial System; to analyze all risk sources and vulnerabilities in the markets and in Cape Verde’s financial system; to present the results of analyses of its resilience to potential shocks; and to analyze the prospects for its development.

Monetary Policy Report 2018

The overall benign performance of the external environment favored the remarkable dynamics of the national economy, which grew by 4.7 percent year-over-year in the first half-year.