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Financial Stability Report 2015

The Financial Stability Report is a semiannual Banco de Cabo Verde publication whose purpose is to identify, measure and analyze the current risks that affect the stability of the financial system in general and that of the banking sector in particular, as well as to recognize their growth trends and the associated challenges, in a timely manner, having in mind its role of serving as an instrument for communication with society in general and the financial system in particular. 

Monetary Policy Report

Real Gross Domestic Product grew 3.9% in 2016, according to the National Statistics Institute. Banco de Cabo Verde’s 2017 forecast suggests growth between 3% and 4%. In the context of some recovery in the credit and economic dynamics, but increased uncertainties about their short term developments, monetary policy is expected to maintain the accommodative stance that has characterized it for the past four years, in the absence of significant pressures on the balance of payments and consumer prices.


Monetary Policy Report

Cabo Verde's monetary policy aims at price stability as a necessary condition for ensuring the country’s macro-financial stability. In strategic terms, however, it seeks to protect the exchange rate regime’s credibility, by maintaining a level of net international reserves sufficient to ensure, above all, the short-term coverage of contractual and contingent liabilities and address a possible temporary shortage of capital.

Financial Stability Report

The Stability Report is an annual publication of the Bank of Cape Verde where the recent dynamics of the financial system is described...

Assets and Financial Position

On this page, Banco de Cabo Verde publishes the evolution of its assets and financial position.

Payment System Report

This report seeks to highlight the most important facts in the development of the payment system in Cape Verde.

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