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Monetary Policy Report 2018

In Cabo Verde, economic activity is expected to continue to show signs of recovery in 2018. After growing close to four percent in the last two years (the fastest pace since 2011), Banco de Cabo Verde expects real gross domestic product growth to be in the 3.5 - 4.5 percent closed range in 2018.

Other Highlights
Monetary Policy Report 2017

Statistics and trend indicators suggest that the economic dynamics will continue to recover in the first half year, anchored in an external context more favorable to growth in tourist demand and direct investment in the country and in an environment of continuous improvement in the economic climate and increased credit supply.

Payment System Report 2015

Cape Verde’s Payment Systems Report seeks to highlight the most important facts related to the development of the payment system in Cape Verde based on statistical data concerning the means of payment and payment instruments and on the description of major events, both with respect to transactions occurring in the clearing and settlement systems and with regard to regulation and control exercised by Banco de Cabo Verde, as part of the system’s supervision.